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Creating a team is a fun way to get your family and friends involved in the Lady Tutu 5K & Little Princess Dash. Numerous teams create unique names such as “Tu Cute For My Tutu,” “Tutu Mommies,” and “TuTu Fun.” Some teams even make shirts with their team names. Whatever you decide to do, the Lady Tutu 5K is about having fun with those closest to you and enjoying the morning of activities.

Use the following steps to create a team

1. Team Captain will create a team and register themself

2. Team Captain will share the team name with other team members

3. Team members will join the team when registering themselves

​In order to receive the team discounted pricing, teams must consist of a minimum of 3 team members. Members do not all have to register at the same time. The first two members of a team will pay full registration price. When the third member of a team registers, that member will receive the discounted team price, and previously registered team members will automatically receive a $5 refund within 7-10 days (refund will appear back on the credit card you used to initially pay with). All team members registering after the minimum of 3 is met will pay the discounted team rate.

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